Marc Printz


Learner-Perspective Coach (LPC)

Learner-Perspective Coaches are recent graduates of schools where they have had substantial opportunities to experience meaningful Project Based Learning, as students themselves. Marc is one of PBLC's in-house Learner-Perspective Coaches and engages alongside our experienced facilitators to support educators in high-quality learning experience design and development during our immersive workshops.


Marc is a graduate of Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) with a BS in Business: Innovation for Social Change. Throughout his academic career Marc engaged with project based learning for 12 years at the middle school, high school and college levels.

Ever the entrepreneur, Marc has been involved in launching startup companies since high school. Now a college graduate, Marc continues to work on his current startup while also working at WPI in the Innovation and Entrepreneurship department, helping others bring their own entrepreneurial ideas to life. He is extremely passionate about designing business to help transition the world to a more sustainable, healthy and honest future. 

Marc has a wide range of interests, including: backpacking, traveling, photography, culinary, oenology, reading and more. During the first semester of his junior year of college he created an information database and brochure of available resources in Worcester for climate migrants displaced by Hurricane Maria. These resources are now used by city officials and local non-profit organizations. He then took off his second semester to live in France for two months and then hike the Appalachian Trail (March 9 - July 11). For his senior capstone project he helped a local non-profit redesign their financial model for long-term sustainability. His capstone project was a finalist in business school.