Professional Learning Leader / 

Curriculum Designer

Jaclyn is an enthusiastic and innovative educator who is dedicated to serving students in the elementary grades through powerful and authentic learning experiences. As a team member for PBL Consulting, Jaclyn has coached, facilitated, and developed workshops with the goal of making PBL accessible to teachers and students all over the world. She has been instrumental on a team developing and authoring NGSS-aligned Project Based Science curriculum.


Jaclyn has been a passionate teacher in public schools since receiving her Masters in Education and Elementary Teaching Credential from University of California, San Diego. Immediately out of grad school she worked at a traditional public school in San Diego teaching 4th grade. Jaclyn longed for a progressive environment in which projects and student voice would drive the learning and in which she could provide kids with a unique and innovative schooling experience.


In 2013, Jaclyn was hired as a founding Kindergarten teacher at High Tech Elementary in San Diego, CA. In collaboration with a team of seven founding members,  Jaclyn co-constructed a Project Based school model with the values of community, personalization, and high expectations at the forefront. This work brought progressive learning to students and families in North County, San Diego.


In 2014, Jaclyn accepted the opportunity to launch another new school with a dynamic team in an urban environment in central San Diego. Since opening their doors, Thrive Public School has been recognized as a Next Generation Learning Model and one of the “Top 100 Schools Worth Visiting” in America by Tom Vander Ark, founder of Getting Smart. Thrive Public School is now one of several schools in a growing progressive charter school network and is home for Jaclyn, where she continues to grow as an educator, lead PBL curriculum development and do great things for kids.