Samantha Fiallo Headshot.jpg


Learner-Perspective Coach (LPC)

Learner-Perspective Coaches are recent graduates of schools where they have had substantial opportunities to experience meaningful Project Based Learning, as students themselves. Sam, is one of PBLC's in-house Learner-Perspective Coaches and engages alongside our experienced facilitators to support educators in high-quality learning experience design and development during our immersive workshops.


Samantha is a student at Pepperdine University in Malibu, California currently working on attaining her Biology undergraduate degree. Being a recent graduate of High Tech High, and having benefited enormously from her time there, Samantha is passionate about the future of education and what creative methods, such as PBL, can do for it. Her interest in pedagogy began when her freshman year at High Tech High was documented in the film Most Likely to Succeed. The reactions and excitement that she witnessed from viewers of this movie inspired Samantha to share more about her experience at this unique school and how it affected her learning and growth. Samantha hopes that in continuing to share her story, as well as those of her successful peers, she can inspire others in the education world to make school something deeper and more transformative than it has been for the last few decades.


In the future, Samantha plans to continue her studies in Biology, conduct her own research, and eventually travel the world exchanging ideas and collaborating on projects with brilliant minds in science. In her spare time, Samantha enjoys watching movies with her family, slacklining at the beach, and googling her two favorite species: bonobos and tardigrades.