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Learner-Perspective Coach (LPC)

Learner-Perspective Coaches are recent graduates of schools where they have had substantial opportunities to experience meaningful Project Based Learning, as students themselves. Dayyan is one of PBLC's in-house Learner-Perspective Coaches and engages alongside our experienced facilitators to support educators in high-quality learning experience design and development during our immersive workshops.


Dayyan is an undergraduate student at UC San Diego . With diverse passions, Dayyan has spent his youth engaged in a wide-range of endeavors including film, technology, education, and social action. Recognizing service as the driving force in his life, he has aimed to devote these endeavors towards the upliftment of individuals and the empowerment of his community.


Always entrepreneurial in spirit, Dayyan developed a mobile app for Judo Math Inc. at the age of 16, co-founded the film production company Dawntide Pictures age17, and by the time he graduated high school, had independently developed and released another educational mobile app and won awards for several short films.


After graduating high school, his passion for education led him to South Carolina to spend a year at the Louis G. Gregory Baha’i Institute in South Carolina, training mentors for junior youth – middle schoolers ages 12 through 14 – through the Junior Youth Empowerment Program helping them study materials aimed at their own social, intellectual, and moral development, and helping them organize various service projects for the betterment of their communities. While working with the students, he was actively involved in the analysis of the social conditions of the communities surrounding the school, applying methods and strategies related to service, education, and social action influenced by Baha’i principles to contribute to the development of these communities. 


Dayyan is currently a Computer Science major at UC San Diego, aiming to better dedicate his passions in technology, science, art, and education towards service to humanity.