Professional Learning Leader

Brandon Lee is a creative designer of educational experiences, a husband to the raddest woman alive, and a and a fantastic curator of Spotify playlists. He is excited to be a part of the PBL Consulting team and hopes to share his love of tearing down outdated educational paradigms to support students in having deeper learning opportunities.


Brandon graduated from Tufts University with a degree in Child Development, focusing on linguistic development and STEM education. He continued to get his Masters in Education from the University of Massachusetts, Boston with a focus in teaching English as a second language. Combining his passion for language access and STEM education, he launched Boston Public School’s first elementary school engineering program at Dever Elementary, a dual-language school. After 2 years, he walked outside Boston one day with a wind chill factor of -15 degrees and realized he had made huge mistakes in his life. So he made the only logical choice and moved to San Diego, where he launched the engineering program at High Tech Elementary, North County. There he collaborated with teachers across the board to design over 50 interdisciplinary projects that integrated design thinking, explorative learning, and student agency with their classroom content. Currently, Brandon is the Director of Projects at Khan Lab School, the independent school associated with Khan Academy. There he supports teachers in planning their projects, aligns the school’s vision with the classroom pedagogy, and ensures top quality project-based learning in the school.


When Brandon is not in the classroom, you can most likely find him climbing a wall, whether outside or inside, in his kitchen cooking, or trying to teach his rescue dog that the world is not a scary place.