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Professional Learning Leader / 

Curriculum Designer

Wes Davis has a diverse background in science and progressive education. Since earning his degree in Biological Sciences at California State University, Chico. Wes has cloned DNA in Santa Cruz, studied carnivores around Lake Tahoe, and filmed coral reef communities in French Polynesia.  In 2005, Wes earned teaching credentials in Math and Science and began working as a STEM educator at a project-based middle school. 

Wes's passions center on project-based, place-based, and social-emotional learning. His students have used photo surveys to reduce trash on campus, USB microscopes to produce videos that inspire inquiry, and woodworking tools to build structures that increase positive interactions among students. In order to gain a deeper understanding of place, Wes’s students organized and documented fourteen student-led field trips in one semester!  His most impactful projects have blended stewardship, science, media, and student-led discovery to create lasting impacts on the local community. 

Wes hopes to leverage his creativity and experience by coaching educators as they work to develop meaningful projects that go beyond the four walls of the classroom.