Evon Mahesh headshot.jpg


Learner-Perspective Coach (LPC)

Learner-Perspective Coaches are recent graduates of schools where they have had substantial opportunities to experience meaningful Project Based Learning, as students themselves. Evon is one of PBLC's in-house Learner-Perspective Coaches and engages alongside our experienced facilitators to support educators in high-quality learning experience design and development during our immersive workshops.


Evon is a student at Gibson Ek High School with a passion for innovative education and student's voice. Having experienced both traditional and innovative school settings, Evon is a strong proponent of project-based learning and aims to bring the joys of PBL to the people around him. A self-proclaimed storyteller and activist, Evon has devoted himself to recognizing and utilizing the power of community building for positive change. 


In his time in PBL environments, Evon has developed and conducted workshops for educators, juvenile justice workers, and other professionals on both LGBTQ+ literacy and restorative justice. Along with that, he has worked on numerous projects pertaining to social justice and activism, as well as been an intern with his school district working on their equity policies. 


Evon is planning on continuing his work in education, with plans on addressing equity issues and spreading the use of innovative education models. Currently a high school senior, he hopes to use his experiences in a PBL school to continue contributing to his communities.