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Learner-Perspective Coach (LPC)

Learner-Perspective Coaches are recent graduates of schools where they have had substantial opportunities to experience meaningful Project Based Learning, as students themselves. Ravan is one of PBLC's in-house Learner-Perspective Coaches and engages alongside our experienced facilitators to support educators in high-quality learning experience design and development during our immersive workshops.


Ravan Nahal is a student at Western Washington University where she is pursuing her undergraduate degree in Sociology and a minor in Education Social Justice. Her experience with Project Based Learning began with Highline Big Picture schools, an innovative project and internship-based school that combines student’s interests with real-world experiences. At Big Picture, Ravan held many different leadership roles in her community and took part in consulting projects to advocate for student voice and project-based learning to developing schools and/or learning environments looking for enriched student engagement. Ravan also took an interest in Restorative Justice Practices at her school where she was able to go through mediation training and assist in the implementation.

In the future, Ravan is looking forward to connecting with Western’s Fairhaven Interdisciplinary College to build a path that will prepare her to empower youth in the educational and justice system. Project Based Learning through Highline Big Picture has helped Ravan find her passion of working with young adults and helping them cultivate skills to thrive in the world outside of classrooms.