Project-Based Learning, PBL, Project Based Learning


"If you are implementing
Project Based Learning
in your district,
building, or company,
be sure to include
Charity in your plans."

"Charity's knowledge, stories, encouragement
and ideas were incredibly inspiring and helpful!"


"We hired Charity through the
Buck Institute for Education and she has become
a critical component of the blended learning
professional development package
that we have assembled for our staff.

When Charity opened her own shop,
there was no question that
we would be following her there."


Project Based Learning, Project-Based Learning, PBL

"Je n'ai pas eu la chance de te remercier avant de partir à 14h30.

Je voulais juste te dire MERCI pour le workshop des deux dernièrs jours.

J'ai beaucoup appris et je suis très excités de tout essayer dans ma salle de classe. 

Merci !"

Project Based Learning, Project-Based Learning, PBL

"During the workshop,
'we are actually doing the project'
(answering a question and experiencing inquiry) while we learned about it.

Furthermore, we really do take away
a pretty-much-ready-to-go PBL unit. Awesome!"

"Without reservation, I endorse Charity for her complete mastery of Project Based Learning and for her training and presentation skills, which are second to none."

"An aspect that made the Intro to PBL session meaningful was
the fact that we were allowed to work through the process ourselves.

Additionally, Charity was
SO approachable and encouraging, which made the whole process easier."

Fantastic presentation style.
The time flew by; very enjoyable!"

This was 
the BEST PD 
I've ever had.

I'm inspired 
about teaching 

Project Based Learning, Project-Based Learning, PBL
Project Based Learning, Project-Based Learning, PBL

Brenda MacDonald

Deputy Superintendent

Clearview Public School Division
Alberta, Canada

I have worked with Charity for over 5 years. She has been instrumental in moving forward the two school districts in which I have worked as a leader in terms of our knowledge and implementation of pedagogies for Deeper Learning, particularly Project Based Learning


I would highly recommend Charity and the team at PBL Consulting. She has been the catalyst to moving forward two districts in our efforts to cultivate adults and students who are engaged thinkers, ethical citizens with an entrepreneurial spirit. She is absolutely one of the finest educators and PD providers I have ever met!


In 2011, I was a Curriculum Coordinator supporting a team of Career and Technical Foundations teachers Red Deer Catholic Public School Division in Alberta, Canada. We were involved in a provincial government pilot as a part of a provincial curriculum redesign effort. This pilot project led to our initial and work with
Charity Allen, initially through the Buck Institute, and thereafter with PBL Consulting.


2011 – 2012 - Charity provided PBL workshops to twelve teachers and four school administrators. They were my pilot team. At the time, Charity was a Senior National Faculty member with the Buck Institute for Education.

2012 – 2013 - Charity began working in Central Alberta with staff from our district attending her sessions. One entire school even participated in PBL workshop.

2013 - 2014 - Charity continued leading sessions in Central Alberta. More and more district teachers were learning about Project Based Learning with her.

2014 - 2015 - 

  • My pilot team wanted to go deeper in their practice with PBL and Charity worked with them over the course of a year to lead a series of four Deeper Learning workshops on (1) Creativity & Innovation, (2) Critical Thinking, (3) Presentational Communication and (4) Collaboration.

  • Charity continued leading sessions in Central Alberta. More and more teachers within the district were learning about Project Based Learning with her.

  • I successfully completed the Train the Trainers program with Charity and became certified to facilitate workshops within the district.

  • Charity completed two different three-day Intro to PBL workshops with another district, Clearview School Division, at which I am now Deputy Superintendent.

In 2015, I became Deputy Superintendent at Clearview School Division wherein Charity and the PBL Consulting Team was already leading sessions, these included:

 to the entirety of our staff - currently, we have 100% of our teachers and leaders trained in PBL workshops1.  Multiple Intro to PBL.

2.  Multiple advanced Deeper Learning workshops to district staff.

3.  Leadership workshops on the “Essential Conditions” for leading effective professional practice.

4.  Charity has worked extensively with our biggest high school and provided customized workshops and sessions to address the needs of the school. She has gone deeper with (1) Building Professional Learning Communities, (2) Creativity and Innovation, (3) Best Practices in Student-Centered Learning, and more.

Clearview School Division’s focus has been on increasing student engagement and pedagogies that support this, such as the effective implementation of PBL. This has been the focus of our journey for the past 2 years. Charity has been instrumental in keeping a laser focus on best practice and coaching our teachers. We absolutely will be continuing our partnership with Charity and PBL Consulting to support our teachers in this transformational process.  


Reflections on our partnership and work…









I appreciate that all staff are trained in PBL so we have a common language, purpose, and vision. I also appreciate that we have supported our school administrators with additional training, as they are the important catalysts and gatekeepers that move initiatives forward.  The continued support of PBL Consulting with Deeper Learning Workshop Series for teachers has pushed their understanding while reinforcing the important elements of PBL.  



I highly recommend a long-term, intensive, sustained and continuous partnership with PBL Consulting to lead professional learning and to provide ongoing support.  After working with Charity and PBL Consulting in two different initiatives in two different school districts, it has been my conclusion that providing teachers with the opportunity to participate in 3-Day Intro to PBL workshops as well as opportunities to participate in Deeper Learning Workshops, in conjunction with workshops for leaders and administrators has been crucial to our success with (1) teacher development (2) shifting culture and mindsets in addition to (3) increased implementation with pedagogies for Deeper Learning, such as Project Based Learning.

9.  Well planned and organized 

10.  Passionate about the transformational process 

11.  Authentic 

12.  Flexible and adaptable to our context and extremely responsive to our needs

13.  Reflective

14.  Presentation styles are full of variety and clearly purpose driven 

15.  Extremely intelligent 

16.  Great listeners!!

1.  Experts in the field of PBL - Absolutely outstanding!!

2.  Masterful presenters and facilitators 

3.  Focuses on content and curriculum

4.  Promotes active and collegial learning in all sessions 

5.  Builds professional learning communities quickly 

6.  Encourages and supports teacher effectiveness

7.  Fun and energetic

8.  Connects with teachers and administrators quickly 

Dear Charity,

Thank you for your recent excellent leadership in each of an English and French 2 day Introduction to PBL workshops. Your deep knowledge and ability to share your understandings in digestible pieces for the participants was evident and very much appreciated.

For the French workshop, where you worked directly with the Calgary Board of Education's French Immersion teachers, this was an outstanding opportunity for them to build common understandings and skills together.

People participated in the English seminar from Calgary and area school divisions including Calgary Catholic School Division, Calgary Board of Education, the Calgary Islamic Private School, Christ the Redeemer, Canadian Rockies Public Schools, and the Calgary French and International School. It was a rich opportunity for people to learn from you directly, plus from one another. You commented in closing remarks that you enjoyed working with a group who were quick to laughter and rigorous in their engagement and work ethic. I believe that your wonderfully skilled leadership created the conditions for this to be so.

Thank you for your mindful preparations, the well-paced delivery of the days, and your approachability during the sessions. Participants walked away with purposeful planning well under way with your guidance, and that was very much appreciated. The CRC appreciates your excellent leadership of learning  for teachers in our area.


Krystal Abrahamowicz
Designer of Professional Learning
Calgary Regional Consortium

"My colleague went to your Intro to PBL session and told me that it was the best PD she'd ever been to and that I had to go. She is a gifted teacher who already does amazing things with her classes. So, when she said the workshop was THAT valuable, I signed up.

She was right. 

This was the BEST PD I've ever had.
I'm inspired about teaching again!"

"Awesome modeling and I appreciated the
web links and resources. The
PBL Planning Guide
is a phenomenal resource.