Educational Leader / Consultant

Cale Birk is a District Head of Innovation in British Columbia, Canada.  Drawing upon his prior experiences as a school-based administrator over the past 15 years, Cale works with leaders to co-create and model the deeper learning environments that we want for our students at every level: from the classroom to the boardroom.  Cale helps leaders to see every class, faculty meeting, professional learning day, administrative meeting and Parent Advisory Council session as an opportunity to create experiences that build capacity and connections throughout their learning organizations.  


Using our model for Learner Centered Design (LCD),
Cale has worked with schools, districts and health care professionals in Canada, the United States and in Asia to re-imagine the use of their existing resources to design and implement engaging and thought-provoking learning experiences for members of their organizations - their learners.  Guided by the principles of design, user-experience, Project-Based Learning, Instructional Rounds and Agile Schools, Cale constantly pushes leaders to ask themselves "Would I want to learn this in this way?" This question and guided practice with the LCD model work together to ensure learners are at the center of every experience.


Cale graduated from the University of Victoria with his Bachelor’s Degree in Education and received his Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership from San Diego State University.