PROJECT SLICE: Biomimicry Designs


Workshop Description

AN IMMERSIVE experience where teachers get to experience high-quality PBL first-hand.

Slices start with a provocative entry event on intriguing design challenges and end the day with an exhibition, complete with presentations of learning with educators products in-hand.

Along the way, participants respond to powerful focusing questions. They experience high-quality, formative assessments with use of protocols for drafting, critique and revision. They will experience non-linear and personalized construction of knowledge first-hand. 

Highly interactive by design, this workshop balances work-time with engaging didactics, activities, facilitated discussions, protocols, and iterative development in order to deepen understanding of the fundamentals of Project-Based Learning. Teachers will apply a design process to ideate a Project-Based Learning experience to use in the classroom.

The training results in the ideation of a usable, peer-reviewed Project-Based unit participants can implement in their classrooms.


For years, humans have been adapting ideas from plants and animals to create tools, solve problems and enhance their lives. For example, humans used biomimicry with the kangaroo's pouch to inspire the Baby Bjorn - a tool humans use to carry babies.

Try your hand at Design Thinking to ideate a solution, inspired by nature, that helps humans with an everyday problem. Solution concepts will be publicly exhibited at the end of the day.