PROJECT SLICE: Mechanized Me


Workshop Description

AN IMMERSIVE experience where teachers get to experience high-quality PBL first-hand.

Slices start with a provocative entry event on intriguing design challenges and end the day with an exhibition, complete with presentations of learning with educators products in-hand.

Along the way, participants respond to powerful focusing questions. They experience high-quality, formative assessments with use of protocols for drafting, critique and revision. They will experience non-linear and personalized construction of knowledge first-hand. 

Highly interactive by design, this workshop balances work-time with engaging didactics, activities, facilitated discussions, protocols, and iterative development in order to deepen understanding of the fundamentals of Project-Based Learning. Teachers will apply a design process to ideate a Project-Based Learning experience to use in the classroom.

The training results in the ideation of a usable, peer-reviewed Project-Based unit participants can implement in their classrooms.

MECHANIZED ME  brings art and engineering together. Experience Design-Thinking as you brainstorm, conceptualize and iterate a mechanized masterpiece to publicly exhibit at the end of the day.