Zombie Based Learning Meets Project Based Learning - Part 3

Project Based Learning, Project-Based Learning, PBL

The teacher completed the Project Alignment Guide in which the teacher aligned products to learning outcomes to instruction to assessment. Now, it's time to build out the calendar. ​You have been able to see the project design process play out in this fictitious, but cool scenario-based PBL unit.

First the teacher inputs some PBL SOP - Project Based Learning Standard Operating Procedure. This includes normal day one tasks, e.g. the entry event, NTKs (Need to Know charting), contracts, etc. She inputs some key benchmarks and due dates for deliverables and formative checkpoints. She inputs some more PBL SOP at the end, e.g. presentations, rehearsals, reflections, etc.

This creates a skeleton on her calendar, so-to-speak. She fills in the meat around the bones by building into the calendar key instructional and assessment components from the teaching and learning guide.

A few look fors!

  • No open-ended “research days.”

  • Work time is embedded, but ALWAYS with a deliverable!

  • Opportunities to teach AND assess targeted 21st Century Skills are built into the design.

  • Reflection is prompted throughout the project process.

  • Authentic experts work with students during the project, not just at the end. ​

Want to dive deeper? Visit our PBL Consulting Services Page to learn more about our immersive workshop on Project Based Learning.

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