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Middle School French Project Idea

May 5, 2015

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Another Project idea from a guest author! Thank you An for submitting this cool project idea for a French I class. 


Title: A Fabulous Foray into French Fashion

Grade: 8

Type of Project: Design Challenge 


Context: You are a fashion designer hoping to break into the market in Quebec. You must pitch your line and company via a design portfolio and promote your store or website using social media. 


Learning Outcomes: 

Written Production



-ask & answer questions

-express needs, desires, wishes and preferences

-make suggestions

Oral Production

-describe, explain, ask and answer questions






-sentence structure


-French search engines

-implications of variations of French

Language Learning Strategies

-cognates/word families

-categorize and anticipate information

-tolerate ambiguity

-take risks with texts

-associate meanings with symbols.


Driving Question: How can we break into the French fashion market in Quebec?


Tangible Outcomes:


-A cohesive design portfolio (clothing + store/website)

-Social Media accounts

-consumer surveys

-A “pitch” presentation


-2 portfolio pieces (clothing)

-2 social media posts (post + comments)

-2 occasions of consumer feedback

-Exercises/quizzes on sentence structure + adjective placement/agreement, plural construction/agreement.


Adult World Connections: Review authentic portfolios and authentic products in French, Interview experts, Conduct focus groups.

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