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Get The Most Out Of Genius Hour With Your Students

Take a peek at this submission from a team of teachers and students in response to a design challenge for "classroom hacks" that increase creativity & innovation by promoting C & I student behaviors, teacher behaviors, and/or learning spaces. They came up with the following idea during a professional development Deeper Learning session on how to teach & assess creativity & innovation. 


Our idea for a "classroom hack" is creating a process for students to design and create their own projects based on their interest. The project creation process will be structured to allow students to narrow down their ideas, take risks and produce original work that has value.  After students have created their own project idea they will begin to work on a final product. Teachers will act as facilitators and will provide students with the facilities and materials to create their products. The hope is that this hack will encourage student creativity and innovation through collaboration and engagement.


This class will replace one traditional option block a semester at our school but the teachers will have the freedom to choose when students work on the projects in a given week.


Their classroom hack had to enable one or more of the following indicators. How many indicators were met by their classroom hack idea?



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