Classroom Hacks for Creativity & Innovation

Take a peek at this submission from a team of teachers and students in response to a design challenge for "classroom hacks" that increase creativity & innovation by promoting C & I student behaviors, teacher behaviors, and/or learning spaces. They came up with the following idea during a professional development Deeper Learning session on how to teach and assess creativity & innovation. ​

We hacked our invention from the makedo version of the Pizza Box Easel. Our starting idea was that we wanted a portable whiteboard for the teacher and student on the go and to help facilitate group work within our classes.

Our classroom hack is the pizzel which is a portable double sided whiteboard storage solution for the 21st century learner. There is a whiteboard (with multiple size and number configuration abilities) attached to the top of the box. The box can be propped open with another whiteboard (also with multi-size and number configuration). This will allow individual and group work capabilities in an instant. With in the pizza box there is a paper storage folder for any importance documents that need to be stored. In addition there is also a transparent pencil case with easy access fully stocked with whiteboard markers, pens, pencils and erasers.

We are hoping the impact of this hack will be to increase collaboration and flexible groupings. Work is easily modified in the whiteboard setting. This will allow group work to be more effective because everyone is more prepared and everyone has access to the information ultimately increasing group participation and functionality. Gallery walks and classroom sharing is easily facilitated with this educational tool. This will help those student who struggle with organization to always be prepared. The manageable size of this educational tool allows for it to be transported throughout the classroom and school to be used in all work spaces.

The Pizzle, Creativity and Innovation, Project Based Learning

Their classroom hack had to enable one or more of the following indicators. How many indicators were met by their classroom hack idea?

Assessment, Project-Based Learning, PBL

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