The Whiteboard Classroom Hack

Take a peek at this submission from a team of teachers and students in response to a design challenge for "classroom hacks" that increase creativity & innovation by promoting C & I student behaviors, teacher behaviors, and/or learning spaces. They came up with the following idea during a professional development Deeper Learning session on how to teach and assess creativity & innovation.

Our classroom hack is a whiteboard desk with charging station, front wheels, and hinges to fold it up.

The whiteboard desk would allow for students to be able to quickly jot notes, do examples and design ideas. Mistakes and modifications are quickly done with the dry erase capability.

The charging station will promote correct and constructive use of technology in the classroom. Students could take notes and pictures on phone to eliminate the need for binders full of notes.

Wheels would allow for quick transitions between individual and group work. Students could easily share their whiteboard ideas with others and collaborate.

Hinges would allow to desk to fold up and allow students to display their work with the class. It would also allow teachers to store the desks more efficiently and allow for bigger spaces for learning.

With our hack, we hope to increase student engagement, teacher and students working together to solve challenges and students becoming 21st century learners with their technology.

Their classroom hack had to enable one or more of the following indicators. How many indicators were met by their classroom hack idea?


Project Based Learning, PBL, Project-Based Leanring

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