Classroom Design Hack

Another submission from a team of teachers and students in response to a design challenge for "classroom hacks" that increase creativity & innovation by promoting C & I student behaviors, teacher behaviors, and/or learning spaces. They came up with the following idea during a professional development Deeper Learning session on how to teach & assess creativity & innovation.

We have come up with a new classroom design that will help to promote sharing and advocate different ideas. Below is a google drawing of the design. I will outline the key facets of our design.

Project Based Learning, Project-Based Learning, PBL

Brain Base- This is the center of our classroom and is the space where the students go to learn, share and build upon ideas. This area is surrounded by whiteboards so that each group can throw their ideas up and own that space.

Genius Stand- This stand will have a buzzer and light attached and will be an open option for students to stand and present their idea or method at any given point of the day. Once they ring the genius buzzer it is their time to share and present.

Pod seating- the desks and pod areas will be assembled around the brain base and will provide the students with an area to work.

Their classroom hack had to enable one or more of the following indicators. How many indicators were met by their classroom hack idea?

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