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Should We Be Afraid of Bugs? A Grade 2 Project


Another project idea from a team of teachers in Red Deer, Alberta! 


Title: Creeping, Crawling, Flying

Grade: 2


Context: In response to a teacher’s camping situation, students will act as entomologists to research and identify a variety of bugs that are harmful and/or helpful to the community and to ourselves.


Learning Outcomes:


Small crawling & flying animals

Language Arts

Informative writing, research


Models, Drawing, Illustration


Driving Question: Should we be afraid of bugs?


Tangible Outcomes:

Oral Presentations

Informative Postcards

Field Guides

Food Chain Diagram

Habitat Model


Adult World Involvement: Field Work Experience, Camping / Outdoor Activities, Nature Walks, Speakers from Local Organizations.

Feel free to touch base with Lori (lori.peterson@rdpsd.ab.ca), Samantha (samantha.vockeroth@rdpsd.ab.ca) and/or Sarah (sarah.corbiere@rdcrs.ca) for more information!  


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