Community Heroes - A Grade 2 Project Idea

Project Based Learning, PBL, Project-Based Learning

Another project idea from a team of teachers in Red Deer, Alberta!

Title: Community Heroes

Grade: 2

Type of Project: Community Service

Context: There are many avenues in which to make a difference in our community. Many organizations within Red Deer rely on the generosity and time contributed from the community in order to run their services and programs students will identify local issues and non-profit organizations and identify ways to make a positive difference within a community.

Learning Outcomes:

21st Century Competency

-Create Opportunities



Language Arts

–Evaluate information, share ideas, enhance artistry, present and enhance presentations, communication.

Driving Question: How can we support an organization that helps our community?

Tangible Outcomes:


-Persuasive paragraph based on chosen non-profit organizations and why the grade 2s should support it.

-Reflections on the project process and the organizations they learned about


-Presentation pitching the best organization to support

-Community service proposal

-Carrying out the proposed service

Adult World Involvement: Members of nonprofit organizations, examples of kids who have made a difference.

Feel free to touch base with Jodi Emo ( and/or Anastasia McShane ( if you have more questions or would like more information!

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