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Math Class Goes Viral with #PBL

October 8, 2015

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Project Based Learning is a great model for unit planning and deeper learning. Some teachers are going further by anchoring a semester or a year in a unifying, engaging and provocative premise.


This premise helps them "brand" their classroom to better connect the dots between units and projects throughout the year. 


Check out this math classroom brand anchored a challenge of the Year: Generate one million unique visitors to their math classroom website.


This teacher used project ideas from www.mathalicious.com to frame clever challenges and controversial issues students could use math to respond to. Students take on a variety of roles and use math to respond to these issues in a variety of ways. They publish their responses on the website. 


The next layer is tracking the analytics of their website - a real world opportunity to look at data, charts and graphics. 


Check out their idea here:



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