Your LCD Elevator Speech: The Why, What and How

Imagine: Change, done better.

Cut to: Learner-Centered Design.

LCD is a vital tool to meet the challenges being faced in schools and organizations today. Schools are already making invaluable shifts toward becoming learning communities, in which all of its members are learners regardless of title - teacher, leader, student, etc. Thus, Learner-Centered Design harnesses the collective capacities of all the learners in a learning community to foster continuous improvement. Haven't yet made the transition to becoming a learning community? LCD will act as an accelerator to that end.

LCD is a powerful extension of participatory action research in which designing and enacting change occurs through a democratic process. LCD has its roots in human-centered design and UX (user-experience), both of which have been used extensively by well-respected organizations such as IDEO and the Hasso Plattner Institute of Design (or d.School) at Stanford University to spark and produce innovative solutions to a wide variety of problems and challenges.

How does it work? In an LCD process, those who experience the problems and challenges in our schools - the learners themselves - are placed at the center of the process to design solutions to problems and challenges as well as capitalize on opportunities. It transforms school leaders into project designers and facilitators. It creates teams of curious and empathetic listeners that appreciate the current pedagogical challenges in our schools because the teams are made up of people that are experiencing those challenges themselves. It involves the co-creation of ideas that utilize the resources we already have in our schools while embracing the day-to-day parameters that surround us. It requires testing and improvement of those ideas with people that will actually use those ideas. And it involves the creation of impactful experiences that proliferate promising practices and solutions from one classroom to all classrooms. From one school to all schools. From within schools to beyond schools.

The Five Phases of Learner-Centered Design:

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