Workshop Description

Are you a school leader who loves to lead, but who feels that all you do is manage? Have you tried to implement new and innovative initiatives to improve student learning, only to see them crash on the rocks of resistance in your staff meetings? Do you sometimes wonder if you have a “Complaints” sign that sits over your office door? If you feel like any of these resonate with you, or if you take your coffee intravenously, this workshop is for you.

Whether it is transforming teaching and learning in our classrooms or responding to the evolving demands of our school communities, managing change and dealing with resistance has never been more important for today’s school leader. Yet, if change must be “managed,” it’s likely that change effort has already failed! How can we, as school leaders, use a democratized, co-constructed approach to change that translates into high-impact learning for all?

Join us for LCDX (the Learner-Centered Design Experience) to immerse first-hand in a Learner-Centered Design (LCD) process to see how the model transforms leaders and educators into “educational ethnographers” and into designers of engaging and effective learning experiences. LCD will make your staff meetings better, your collaborative time better, your professional development days better, and here's the kicker, it'll make the members of your school more connected to the work and to each other.

By developing a true appreciation of our educators, and having them act as co-creators and experimenters with unique solutions to educational challenges, we will connect to our school community in meaningful ways that result in lasting solutions.

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Participants will each receive a copy of 'Changing Change Using Learner-Centered Design'

What You'll Learn & Do!

  • 1. Redefine how to structure democratic change processes, from appreciation to proliferation.

  • 2. Apply the Learner-Centered Design model to a challenge in our schools

  • 3. Transform resisters into collaborators that help us design engaging, high-impact experiences.

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