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Workshop Description

This session launches with startling statistics about the prevalence of trauma in our communities.

Understanding the sheer scope of trauma is not enough – thus, we will dive deeper into the implications of how trauma affects the brain and the body, and how the effects of trauma manifest in educational settings. Together, we will imagine a supportive path forward by examining various evidence-based practices for our learners with trauma.

What You'll Learn & Do!

  • In a collaborative setting, we will use a creative process to imagine and design three types of solutions: 

    1. Supportive experiences for our learners impacted by trauma

    2. Learning experiences for our educators to better understand, empathize, and engage with our learners impacted by trauma

    3. Opportunities for community building

  • Outline the implications of data from the
    ACE (Adverse Childhood Experiences) Study.

  • How to be responsive to the physiological impact of trauma on our learners.

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